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What a beautiful morning here in Sunny St. Petersburg, FL! We've had overcast skies and rain nearly everday this week, however this morning it decided to be sunny and just drizzle rain.

So, over a cup of coffee I took a look at my priority list and rearranged it. Of course my work agenda must get done, but I may or may not have crossed of do laundry and wrote in go walk the beach... ;)

Laundry can wait for tomorrow, I'll take some "ME TIME" this afternoon and recharge myself. 

What will you do for yourself today to recharge yourself? 

--- Jenn 

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Is still a work in progress...

I still like the occassional cigarette after a meal, with a glass of wine, or hanging out with friends patio/lake/ocean/poolside on a nice summer afternoon. 

Yes, I said it. Vaper by profession, smoker by choice. Now that's not to say I haven't tried to quit. From gum to lozenges to prescriptions and even now vapor I still manage to be successful in curbing most often a real analog cigarette. 

I use gum, mints, mouthwash, perfume, air freshner, roll down my windows, dryer sheets, even those new scent boosters in laundry to ensure that no one can ever smell it on me. Yet if you asked I would tell you that yes I occassionally smoke.

Truth is I am embarrassed that I try so hard to cover it up, however it is my choice. (Stupid addiction) My fiance smokes, therefore I don't have to make the decision whether or not to buy a $6+ pack of smokes because the decision is one he makes and the option that I choose to bum off him is mine. (He hates when I do, but knows I will do it anyway if I want to)

When you think about it, I spend more time thinking about how not to smell like an ashtray that just taking action to kick that ash altogether. I've quit for several months at a time and 6 years ago hadn't even touched a cigarette because the smell gave me migraines. So why did I start? (We'll save that story for another blog)

Someone asked me today, "How long have you been in the vaping industry?" My response, "Less than a year."

That doesn't go to say that I haven't completely become inspired and at times obsessed with the vaping industry both professionally and personally.

It's likely that we all have smoked a cigarette in our lives. For some maybe twice, three, or four times + the normal amount that a non-smoker has. Chances are we know someone who has gone through the reprecussions of smoking and unfortunately even been subject to the worst of the addiction



I know that it will not be easy. I know that one day my taste, smell, and health will return to me as they did 6 years ago. I am ready for that moment. 

I want to know who else has/had this struggle. What are/were your plans to quit? What are you doing/did you do to kick ash? Why? How long have you been a smoker or quitter? What are your new hobbies? What do you do with your extra income and spare time?


Share your story to the vaping community. Your response WILL inspire someone tonight and WE WILL KICK ASH TOGETHER. 

Keeping It Real.

- Jenn

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